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October is Senior Cat Care month

October is Senior Cat Care Month at Glenora Cat Clinic

Detecting a disease or health concern in it's early stages can make the condition easier to treat and often can result in the best possible outcome for your cat. Senior cats often hide their ailments from their owners. Senior wellness exams can provide insight into your senior cat’s ailment progression.

Senior wellness packages include: Health exam, blood collection, CBC, chemistry, Thyroid, urine collection, urinalysis, lateral chest x-ray, blood pressure and a bag or 12 cans of Hill's food.

Book now, Call us at 780-453-6666, or email us for more details.

Our clinic is Edmonton’s only exclusive cat veterinarian practice offering quality service for 20 years.Our clinic provides a wide range of products and services catering to the special needs of cats.

Our mission is to provide a place for cats to receive high quality veterinary care in a friendly, low stress environment.

We promote feline well being with high quality diets, physical examinations, blood work, weight loss programs, dental prophylaxis, and many other services.

We strive to give our clients and our co-workers professionalism, honesty, compassion and respect.