We are open to serve you and your pets with safety protocols in place during the COVID-19 response.

Please call us at 780-453-6666 with any questions

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About Us

Our clinic is Edmonton’s only exclusive cat veterinarian practice offering quality service for 20 years.Our clinic provides a wide range of products and services catering to the special needs of cats.

Our mission is to provide a place for cats to receive high quality veterinary care in a friendly, low stress environment.

We promote feline well being with high quality diets, physical examinations, blood work, weight loss programs, dental prophylaxis, and many other services.

We strive to give our clients and our co-workers professionalism, honesty, compassion and respect.

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Our Glenora Cat Clinic Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary care to our patients and to ensure that pet owners have clear and up-to-date information to make decisions on behalf of their beloved animal companions. We believe that pets are valued members of the family, and they teach us about survival, love and loyalty. As a result, we owe them the best possible care, delivered with gentleness and compassion, to ensure they are healthy and happy throughout their lives. We are devoted to working together as a team and with our clients to achieve this mission.

Our Respectful Workplace Policy at Glenora Cat Clinic:

  • Promote a workplace and learning environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and/or bullying
  • Protect the health, safety and security of Glenora Cat Clinic
  • Treat our patients, clients, and team members with respect. They are valued; communicated to in a polite and courteous manner; conflict is addressed in a positive way throughout