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Tang Talk – October 2010

I am young and handsome and perfect in every way … I will always be handsome, but I will not always be young.

By age seven, we cats are middle aged (like a 45 year old human!).

By age twelve, we kitties are seniors (like a 65 year old human!).

As we age, medical problems become more likely. Thyroid disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease and cancers become more common as we age. Routine exams (including a weight check) and blood tests can help detect these problems.

I know how most of you fellow felines feel about the vet clinic. Its really not that bad here … if you pretend to like the vet, they will give you treats.

Older cats are also more likely to develop hair/coat problems (matting, etc.) and toenail issues (ingrown toenails, waxy toe jam, etc.).

Elderly felines can have arthritis. We kitties are not as wimpy as dogs so we do not always limp. Your human may notice you are stiff when you get up after one of your 20 daily naps. You might be a little slow going up and down stairs. Some of you may have trouble getting into the potty box if the edges are high.

Have your human speak to your vet about arthritis treatments. If you are plump, join weight watchers. Glucosamine can help if you find a tasty form of it. Anti-inflammatories can help but NEVER use your owner’s meds – human medicine can be very toxic … ASK your vet!

Well, I am bored now so I am going to ignore you.