We are open to serve you and your pets with safety protocols in place during the COVID-19 response.

Please call us at 780-453-6666 with any questions

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Our Services



We provide routine wellness examinations of our patients to ensure that your cat is enjoying a healthy life. These can be done every 6 to 12 months. We can also examine and care for your cat when or if they are unwell.



We can perform a range of surgeries. Spay (ovariohysterectomy), neuter (castration), lump removals, abdomen exploration, skin biopsies, etc.

We monitor our patients under anesthetic with skilled technicians, pulse oximetry, and Doppler blood pressure.

Blood Work


Our clinic has the ability to process:

  • chemistries
  • urinalysis
  • fecal floatation
  • cytology
  • further testing can be sent to a reference lab

Dental Care

We recommend preventive home care and can provide you with instruction on this care. We do dental cleanings, digital dental xrays and extractions at the clinic.



Our technologists are able to perform X-Rays to aid in diagnosis and treatment of your cats.



We believe that nutrition is very important to the health and wellness of your cat. We have a variety of veterinary diets for all stages of life and catering to specific dietary needs (MCRC, Hills, and Purina).

Obesity is a common feline problem. Please ask us about a weight loss program for your chubby kitty.