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Tang Talk – Renovations August 2011

The summer of 2011 will go on record as being…well, wet and crummy.  Not that I care.  I’m inside, dry comfy and temperature controlled at all times.  Feel free to envy me.

I have to put up with humans being annoyingly noisy lately.  The clinic is being renovated and expanded (moving into the shop next door).  I have tolerated the noisy and messy humans because I can’t wait for the end result.  More room for ME!

Some of my slaves have also had the nerve to not be here every day. These “holidays” are really cramping my lifestyle…how they can put their lives and families before me is a mystery.  I find it difficult to get through a day with less people to worship my greatness.

Another cramp in my lifestyle is the fact that I have roommates.  I have learned to co-exist with Sophie.  Sophie ignores me, I ignore her.  She smacks me if I get in her face…but what she doesn’t know is that I steal her food while she naps.  For the most part, this relationship works for us.

I do not appreciate having to share my humans with another cat!  The foster cat, Jazz, is too cute for my liking.  He is supposed to find a new home and then I will be the centre of attention again.  If you are reading this, and you of know someone whom might be interested in adopting Jazz, please let my humans knows…Ah, I dream of the day I can have my life back.

I need to get back to work … grooming myself is such a difficult job, you know.  I think I will have to take a nap before that though.  One should always be well rested to perform such delicate tasks.