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Tang Talk – February 2012

Dear Tangmates,

February is Dental Health Month.

I, Tang, have beautiful teeth … at least I do now. Last year my humans found a tooth with a resorptive lesion (aka – cavity)!! I was mortified – me, perfect me … not perfect!!

My humans took care of me – they removed the diseased tooth and cleaned the rest of my teeth (under anesthetic of course – I won’t tolerate all the probing and squirting they have to do in the mouth).

Over 80% of cats over the age of 3 have some dental disease. It may be mild tartar and gingivitis, or a resorptive lesion, or it may be severe tartar, gingivitis, infection and periodontal disease (ouch).

Mild disease can be treated by a human at home. Brushing daily is the BEST way to keep our mouths healthy (I don’t let my humans do this but you might). Dental diets (those proven with research will have a mark/stamp from the VOHC – Veterinary Oral Health Council) may help. Most treats don’t do anything for feline teeth and gums.

Moderate to severe disease usually needs veterinary intervention. Dental cleaning (aka – a prophy) under anesthetic is the first step. If unhealthy teeth exist, the vet will usually xray the teeth and determine if there is a need to be extract.

Because I don’t let my humans brush my teeth I need a cleaning every couple of years.

Get your human to take you to your vet for a dental check up. Then they can make a plan for your teeth – brushing, a prophy, or maybe 14K gold grillz …

Yours truly,