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Tang Talk – February 2014

As some of you may know, Tang has been absent from the clinic since December 2013 – Due to the stresses of being a Public Relations Officer, Tang was in need of a vacation. Tang has been doing well staying at the Hotel Dr. McDonald.

Tang submitted his letter of resignation from the clinic;

“To my ever adoring slaves,
I have decided that the clinic lifestyle is no longer for me, and therefore, I am stepping down as Public Relations Officer of Glenora Cat Clinic to embrace an early retirement. I know I will be spoiled, well-loved and have a roost to rule with stairs to run up and down on.”

Tang’s humans will miss him greatly, but are happy to know that he is enjoying his retired life.
At this time, Sophie will be assuming the position of Public Relations Officer…but she is NOT looking for assistants – she prefers dictate on her own.

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